Daily Archives: June 6, 2012

My trip begins …

My flight for Venice leaves tomorrow, and I’ve been spending the past few days in Philadelphia visiting friends and scouting out living situations for my move here in August. The search has seemingly paid off with a spot in the Globe Dye Works factory in the Frankford area of Philly. I’ll be signing a lease within the month!

So, about a week ago I lost my … (drum roll please) … Passport. I had it sitting on my coffee table one day and the next day it was probably somewhere in the nearest landfill. I looked everywhere for that little guy. I turned over furniture and emptied packed moving boxes; nothing. And at about 3 weeks before my flight to Italy, my nerves were just about shot.

But thanks to the local passport agency my crisis was avertted, with 5 days to spare. Can you believe they make these tiny books (with scanning devices and all) in about three hours? Eat your heart out Jim Escalante.


This weeks Donor Shout-Outs below:

Joe Leroux & Stacey Lee Webber – Both based out of the Globe Dye Works building, Joe and Stacey have been showing me around the Philly area these past couple days. Also recent graduates from the UW – Madison Art Department, their practice hovers around the sculpture medium; Stacey working primarily in Fine Art Metalsmithing and Jewlery Making, and Joe on massive, cleanly-cut, and welded masterpieces. Their recent success can be tracked by checking out their websites linked above.

Chris Monday – Chris donated to my project after finding out about it on Kickstarter.com. He  has his own Comic Strip blog titled Flying Weevil Prodcutions.Check it out by clicking  his name above.

Lizzy Sheinkopf – Lizzy and I were in John Hitchcock’s ‘Print Blitz!’ class this past semester. She recently graduated with a degree in History with a focus on African Studies. She plays killer guitar and is deathly afraid of vomit. No joke.

Darren Bush – Darren also found me through Kickstarter.com. Thanks for the donation, Darren!

Nicki Werner and Anthony Bruce Roark – Anthony, one of my best friends, and his girlfriend Nicki are sculptors based out of Champagne, IL. I met Anthony at UW – Madison, and Nicki through him. Both are artistic badasses and amazing people. Thanks for the support guys!

Loring Baker – Loring and I were members of K-Space Art Studios and went to Texas A&M Corpus Christi, together. She has an adorable son, and currently makes amazing work out of Corpus. Check out her work with the link above.

Miguel Aragon – I met Miguel at the 2011 Southern Graphics Conference during the portfolio review. I was blown away by Miguel’s friendly personality.and by his sweet business cards. (Dude had his own logo!) We traded small prints. Mine, traditonally cut woodblock prints. His, lazer engraved sheets of paper; pretty amazing. He recently graduated from UT – Austin with his MFA and currently plans on taking over the print world with his massive works. Check out his art at the link above.

Lindsey Clark-Ryan – Lindsey and I had studios around the corner from one another at UW – Madison. Her  work consists of prints and sculptures that touch on her interests in flight, physics, and absurd childhood obsessions. She currently teaches at Smith College in Northhampton, Massachesettes.

Sally Kronsnoble – A beautiful, supportive, and loving girlfriend, I am forever greatful for everything Sally has contributed to my work and this project. I’ll miss you over the weeks I’m gone!

Tom Druecker – I met Tom at the last Southern Graphics Council Conference. He runs Slugfest Press out of Austin, Texas and teaches at the University of Texas.

Stay tuned in the next couple of days for images from Venice!