About Me

I am an Artist, Printmaker, and Graduate Student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. (If you’re looking for the roller-blader Marcus Benavides, than you are probably surprised I exist, and expecting me to give you a link to his website. I’m not that kind of Marcus Benavides.) I was born in Southern California and was raised in South Texas. I am currently in my 3rd and final year of grad school. My medium of choice, at the moment, is large scale Woodcut Printmaking. Visit my website for a peek at my portfolio.
I mainly use this blog to update people interested in my work. Occasionally you will find random rants about oddball, nerdy, and sometimes contentious things. Simply ignore all the offensive and dismiss it as cynical ramblings. Please check back soon to see new projects! Thanks for stopping by.

-Marcus Vincent Benavides


PS – If you’re looking for the Intellectual Property Attorney Marcus Benavides, you’ve hit a dead end, but … he’s a really swell guy!


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