Lido, Venezia


Today is my last day on the island of Lido. My residency starts tomorrow, and I’ll transfer to the island of Murano in the morning.

Lido was an interesting place. Mostly made up of locals and Italian tourists, it remained pretty quiet throughout my three nights there. That means, the best thing to do is either visit the beach, or take a boat out to Venice. I did more of the latter.

But, now its time to get to work. Images of my with in progress up soon!


Venice – Day 2


I survived my first day out in Venice. I visited a total of 11 churches and got lost only once! I spent all day sitting and sketching sculptures and paintings in and outside the cathedrals. Lots of pictures to come! Here is the view out the window of my new hotel.



(Me – Luggage) x Venice = Molto Cattivo!


So, I made it to Venice safely … minus my checked art supplies! This is a little upsetting seeing as how my residency starts on the 13th. I hope everything works out. My jet lag has worn off, and I’m planning a trek through San Marco to visit Churches, despite the gloomy weather. Above is a view of my hotel door. Wish me luck everyone!