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Getting Ready


This week has been dedicated to getting supplies ready for my residency next month. Above is an image of drying paper that I just stained. I’m bringing nine of these 4 ft x 10 ft Masa sheets along with carving tools, ink, and a roll of Stonehenge paper. The paper roll was donated by Takach Press, a fine art printmaking supply company.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Takach, they have been manufacturing presses and print supplies for 31 years and remain the premier source of fine art presses in the US and around the world. If you’ve printed works at any major university, chances are it was on a Takach press. I was surprised and very grateful to hear of David Takach’s interest in my work. He was at the most recent Southern Graphics Council International Portfolio Review promoting his presses and caught a the preview of my MFA show lying on the floor of the Sheraton ballroom. It wasn’t the most professional way of displaying prints, however David has shown a great deal of appreciation for them. I’m glad to say that with his recent support of Ink, Paper, and Brayers I am a few steps closer to realizing this project. It’s an honor to have reinforcement from the nation’s top Printmaking Press Company.

But Takach isn’t the only supporter of this project. My Kickstarter fund has been growing and growing over the past month, and it’s because of some of my very close friends, supportive professors, fellow artists, and new fans. Without you guys, this project would have never left the ground. This week’s Shout-Outs start … NOW:

Sarah Noreen – Fellow UW – Madison Printmaking graduate, Sarah currently teaches at Corcoran College of Art and Design. She prints and constructs amazing sculptures highlighting her distinct cultural background. Click the link above for a sample of her work.

Sarah Horowitz – My previous neighbor and current close friend, Sarah is a student at the UW – School of Medicine and has just finished her 2nd year. She is a super-smart student, actress, and small animal-lover. A very special Thank You goes to Sarah for she even got her family to donate to the Kickstarter goal! Thank you brother Jason, and super-mom Mary Harrowitz.

Leo Johnson – Leo is a fellow comic book lover, a Biology graduate,  and currently lives in Jacksonville, AL. He runs his radio show called Panel Pals Comics Podcast. Every week, he and co-host Michael record a podcast bringing listeners the best in comics, video games, web-comics, and more. Check it out!

John Hitchcock – UW – Madison Professor and artist John Hitchcock has always been a source for inspiration, and a supportive force in my work. In this project specifically, John has provided advice and professional reference. Many thanks go to him and his uplifting character!

Richard Martinez – My uncle Richard lives in Hemet, CA with wife Donna and family. He is a Merchandising Execution Team Supervisor at Home Depot and can destroy you at a game of darts. I here they call him ‘Shooter’ back home …

Anna Gratovich – I’ve never met Anna, but she has also supported fellow printmaker and extremely talented artist Matt Rebholz Kickstarter project. This leads me to believe she is a printmaker herself. Hmm …

Separated Rose by Judith Curiel

Sabrina Krueger – Sabrina and I have been friends since High School, and she currently teaches Astronomy at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. She is resident bad-ass in Corpus Christi, TX shares my passion for all that is GWAR! Rock on, Sabrina.

Judith Curiel – I had my first photography class with Judy as my professor, and she just so happens to be the sweetest woman on Earth. Check out her beautiful photographs by clicking her name above. Do it!

Mark Sammaritani, Karsten Osterby, Lisa K,  Mike Walsh, and Edward Hayes – I don’t personally know any of you, but thanks for your support and I hope you like your future prints!

We’re not done, yet! We still have 9 days to reach our $1,600 goal. And that’s why I have added a new Kickstarter Reward. For a $30 dollar donation, donors will receive the $5 prize, $10 prize, and 20 custom made ‘Thank You’ postcards. The bi-fold design will go up sometime this week. But, hurry because this reward is limited to 13 donors!

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