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Overwhelming Backer Support!

We have officially surpassed the Kickstarter goal!

I can’t thank you all enough for your support in this project. Friends, Family, and Online Fans have all been re-posting this page to Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, and Twitter increasing my funding exponentially over the past 2 days. As we surpass this necessary amount of $650, we begin to reach totals that will go towards hostels, printing supplies, and everyday costs of living in Venice. If we keep this momentum up, the entire trip will be funded and the only thing left to think about will be artistic exploration. All of this is dedicated you, my patrons.

A fellow artist recently saw my WordPress blog on a friend’s website, and sent me a link to her blog on a recent experience over at the Venice Printmaking Studio. These beautiful images, and words of encouragement make me extremely excited for my trip.

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Send Me to Venice, Italy …

Well, it’s official. I’ve started a Kickstarter Project to help fund my Artist Residency in Venice, Italy. More information is available when you click the link above, but here’s a short synopsis below.

I was recently selected for a month long international artist residency at the Venice Printmaking Studio. Located on the isle of Murano in Venice, Italy, this art facility specializes in large-scale fine art printmaking. The type of art I make, just so happens to be large-scale woodcuts!

The way I cut my wood blocks is through highly detailed imagery in a monumental scale. Therefor it is very laborious.  My most recent work is around 8 feet tall 4 feet wide, and takes about two weeks of non-stop carving. Very few facilities in the world have the means to print blocks this size …

The imagery I use is very much influenced by Italian Renaissance painting and sculpture. If given the opportunity to visit Italy. I would have the chance to see these ancient art pieces up close and in person. Having never been out of the continent, and having only seen this type of work in books and on the internet, I am held at an extreme disadvantage.

It is great honor to be chosen for this International Artist Residency. However, it doesn’t come without a price. In order to pay for my flight overseas and living expenses, I have set up this Kickstarter goal.

I’m really excited to get to see what kind of people fund art proposals like this. People will not only help fund a $3000 project, but also receive a hand-made print inspired by my travels in Italy! With their small donation they’ll enable this chance of a lifetime.

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