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Reaching Our New Goal (+ Donor Shoutouts!)

Okay, folks. With it being only 11 days into this Kickstarter Project, we have nearly reached $1,000 in funds! People from all over the country have been pitching in to support this exciting opportunity. I am forever grateful.

I officially leave for Venice in June and that’s our deadline to pull in funds for hostels, and art supplies. If we hit the 250% mark, all my bases will be covered. Come on guys, we can make it to this new goal! Let your friends know, if you haven’t already, about this project. Let them know how much it would help out, and how they get a print from me in return!

I wanted to thank everyone by giving blog shout-outs to people who donate. So, today I’d like to highlight some of the people who have contributed to my cause so far:

Chinn Wang – Previous studio-neighbor to yours truly, and all around artistic Bad-Ass, Chinn recently taught at Tyler University and now resides in Colorado. Her brightly colored super-fabulous, screen-printed wooden icons can be seen in shows around the nation … or by clicking her name above.

Lisa Staplemann – My next door neighbor Lisa gets is an acupuncture therapist. She is currently working through Isthmus Acupuncture.  Sign up for a session!

Ericka & Chris Olivarez – My sister and her husband Chris reside in San Antonio, TX, with their 4 year old son, Christopher-Michael. My sister, a graduate from Notre Dame University, manages the Social Studies department of a San Antonio school district. Chris, owns and runs a courier business.

Ben Emmel – I have never met Ben. But, so far, he had funded 40 Kickstarter projects. Way to go, Ben!

H.L. Birdsong – Also a previous stranger, Ms. Birdsong is a Portland area printmaker and artist. She runs Smidgeon Press, and if you click her link above, you can check out some of the prints she has for sale. Ms. Birdsong must have found out about my Kickstarter through a mutual friend. Exciting stuff!

Keep on the lookout these next couple of days for a new set of donors. The next session will highlight my San Antonio friend and Master Chef, Selina Arredondo and New York based printmaker Kirsten Flaherty! Also, some news on future sponsorships …

I now leave you with an installation shot of my recent solo show “Venerations”.